Final Exam Essay Topic: Sound

Elements of editing to explore for your paper

The following list is of elements of mise en scene from your textbook.  For this short essay students typically write on two or three aspects of the topic – please DO NOT include all of them.  Better to have more in-depth exploration of a few topics below than superficial discussion of many.

Characteristics of the film sound (pitch, loudness, quality)
Off screen sound
On screen sound
Collision between image mood and sound mood
Internal sound
External sound
Sound fidelity
Diegetic vs non-diegetic sound
Synchronous vs Asynchronous sound
Aspects of dialogue and narration
Ambient sound
Sound effects
Sound as a means to promote continuity or discontinuity
Sound as rhythm , or in contrast to rhythmic visual content
Sound as punctuation
Sound from a surprising source
Content related to the sound mix

This site may help you on this topic:

Suggested scenes for sound analysis:

Last Picture Show


Let the Right One In

The Conversation

Black Hawk Down (choose only one)
(This scene is the toward the beginning, content is music driven)

(This scene is from later in the film and is sound effects driven)

The Birds


Midnight Cowboy

The Matrix

The Graduate